Raisco meets the expectations of its customers by providing a high-quality transportation service.
Credibility, adherence to time schedules and charging reasonable prices and expenses.

Raisco currently provides cargo services to all the cities and ports of the Kingdom and the neighboring Arab countries. Services are rendered in the form of complete loads while parcels and partial transport services are not provided.

With the exception of the materials that pose risks for life in general and the environment in particular, all trade-permitted materials and supplies are transported.

Transportation Prices
  • It is understood that fixing prices entails obtaining detailed information on the movables, including the cargo weight, transport distance, charge and discharge dates, required cooling degree, sensitivity of goods, value of cargo, means of packaging and all other items that are directly used to identify the costs of transport.
  • Raisco provides, on the scheduled dates, the units that are requested and confirmed by the customers. Raisco is responsible for charging and discharging cargos according to the professional practices, in as short period of time as possible and immediately upon arrival. Customers or their representatives are to use the shipment policy and the other cargo delivery instruments as a basis for payment of the previously agreed upon freights.
  • Terms Applied and Types of Goods: Carrier is responsible only for carrying the trade-permitted materials that do not pose risks for life or environment.
  • Raisco renders cargo services to all customers without favouritism. Raisco naturally seeks to set up strategic partnerships with the factories and companies that have large business load and gives them advice to find the most economic land transport services.
  • Raisco provides comprehensive road risks insurance covering all its vehicles and cargoes and another insurance against robbery; our customers’ cargos are in good hands.