Scrap Metal Services

Scrap Trading & Recycling

We maintain a comprehensive scrap recycling  center that is ready to process all your scrap , both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Our recycling process segregates scrap efficiently and effectively , meaning maximum value for each piece of scrap we buy .

We handle moving scrap and maintain our own fleet of trucks , trailers, boxes, containers, railcars and barges to manage all aspects of the transportation of scrap – making doing business with us  convenient and easy.

What we buy ?

We purchase ferrous and non-ferrous materials . We also purchase junk cars, trucks, machinery, farm equipment and other sources of scrap metal . Whats more we pay cash – contact us today to get your cash offer and schedule a pickup .

We buy the following

  • Cast Iron Scrap
  • Industrial Scrap
  • Heavy melting scraps
  • Heavy Metal Scraps
  • Brass Scraps
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Pipe Scrap
  • Electrical Scrap
  • Alloy Steel Scrap
  • Stainless Steel Scrap
  • Copper Scrap
  • Iron Scrap
  • Steel Scraps